Secret Garden

Beyond The Visible

Nature is a sanctuary. Immersed in the natural world, we experience a pure force. It brings us in touch with something larger. We might even catch a glimpse of the essence of our existence. For me, being in nature opens me up to the mysteries of life. Wandering thought-free, I become aware of the energy in the trees, the waters, even in the rocks. An energy in myself awakens as well, and unexplored parts of myself come to light. I find an opening to a hidden world, beyond the visible. A Secret Garden.
Michelle Blancke (1984) is a lens-based visual artist from Amsterdam. She graduated from the Fotoacademie in May 2023, with a strong foundation in the three-year Conceptual Image program. She is represented by Sandvoort Gallery and member of art collective Gravity of Light. Her work has been noticed, with features in several articles. A highlight is the Dutch Magazine HP/De Tijd, showcasing the work of eight recent art graduates. She is selected by Fresh Eyes International as Conceptual Talent 2023.
Michelle uses photographic techniques to give form to her vision on the world around her. She removes context and intensifies with composition, framing and colour in a way that resembles painting. It seems as though her images continue beyond that what can be seen in the photo. The result is an abstracted reality, with a sense of looking at something familiar in a new way.
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18 November - 10 December 2023: Noorderlicht International Photo Festival, presentation Open Student Call, Nieuwe Markt Groningen

7 - 10 December 2023 Group exhibition MFA Homecoming 2022/3 Biennial, City Art Space Gallery, Rochester (New York)

16 December - 31 January 2024: Expo Plein van Siena centre for reflection and spirituality, Rijnstraat 109hs Amsterdam
Publications & Interviews
GUP Fresh Eyes International Conceptual Talent • 2023
Fine art photobook A State of Consciousness • Nov 2023
Online collection Cista Arts • Sep 2023
Interview Expo HP / De Tijd • Jul 2023
Article ProfiFoto Print Issue 7 • Jul 2023
Interview Chip Foto Magazine Print Issue 74 • Jun 2023
Online collection ArtDoc Magazine, Enigma of Life • Jun 2023
Interview Hue & Eye Magazine, Editor's Pick • Feb 2023
Online collection ArtDoc Magazine, Conceptual Photography • Feb 2023
"There is a strange muted pictorial beauty in the visuals. The images present such a powerful and creative attitude and aesthetic concerns that honestly amazed me. Each picture in the work, and all together, project the internal attitude of the person behind the camera. The abstractions give people room to dream, to find their own interpretation. Every artwork needs to show a part of reality and also a standpoint, and this particular series is a great example of why this is so important." 
- LensCulture, 2023
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